I was first introduced to a life coach in Boise around 2001 as a client for my suffering sales numbers at my job. Soon after I started my own successful small business. It changed my life. I have been fascinated with helping other people with the same techniques ever since. I first started learning how to conduct sessions on family and friends in 2005, and felt wonderful about my ability to help them completely transform the quality of their lives.

My fascination in 2005 was not enough to get me to shy away from my business in fundraising.  Due to my son being born, I felt the financial pressure more than ever shifting my focus to making money.

After identifying both being a life coach and a licensed hypnotist as my ultimate passions in life I achieved two advanced hypnotism certifications in 2010,.  The first one was with the “American Alliance of Hypnotists”. The second one was with the “National Guild of Hypnotists”, which is the most prestigious and recognized certification in the United States for Hypnosis.

Why Offer Online Sessions As Well As Office Sessions In Boise Idaho?

Recently, due to the power of technology, I decided to expand my practice online as well a focus on the Boise ID Metro area.  I did this to offer more people the opportunity to enjoy and benefits from my relaxing and fulfilling hypnosis sessions from the comfort of their own homes on their favorite chairs, sofas, or beds.  Not to mention, the time and money saved from not having to travel to an office. It's simple and easy for everyone to get results this way.

Why Choose A Boise Life Coach Over Hypnotherapy?

What makes me different from a Hypnotherapist is I completely tailor my sessions for the needs and wants of my clients.  I do not mix and match scripts for people with similar needs or challenges. That usually makes your changes temporary at best.  I take the time to get to the root, or reason, for the challenge you may be experiencing. In most cases, that is the only way you get permanent results. For me, seeing people first-handed improve the quality of their lives is completely priceless.  This is the first time that I have been making a living doing something that I love to do. In my own life experiences, I have discovered that it is wise to hire someone who is passionate about what he or she does, than someone who is in it for the money.  I love what I do, and my purpose in life is to help people achieve their goals. I look forward to helping you.

Aligning Your Subconscious Mind to Achieve Your Goals

John Michelsen IV, CHT

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What is a Life Coach?
Have you ever had anyone sit down with you, and really take the time, maybe an hour or two, to really understand everything about you, understand everything that you care about, where you are heading in life, what you believe in, what you value your relationships that are in your life, the status of the things you are working on, the projects, and then this person really aligned with you, and be in your corner so that everything that you working on or care about, this person is there to encourage you, to troubleshoot with you, and take you to the next level in any area?  Have you ever had that happen for you?